Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Doyle and Roth
Manufacturing Heat Transfer Equipment Since 1932


At Doyle & Roth, our Engineers and Fabricators are experts in the design and manufacturing of specialty heat transfer equipment.  We can design almost any type of shell and tube exchanger or tank constructed from standard metals or specialty Alloys.

We have designed units for services including:
* Lethal                      * Cryogenic                         * Agricultural                          * Refining
* Food Grade            * Power Utility                     * Pharmaceutical                    * Chemical   
We have expertise in the design of specialty shell and tube heat exchangers including:

* Vaporizers               * Thermosyphon Reboilers    * Condensers      * Bayonet Exchanger  
* Kettle Reboilers      * Falling Film Evaporators     * High Pressure   * Feedwater Heaters
* Hydrogen Coolers  * Knockback Condenser        * Custom Units     * Freezer Condenser  

Some Recent Sample Units are Pictured Below:
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
AET Type
Heat Exchanger
Reactor - Side View
Reactor - Interior During Fabrication
Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
CFU Type Heat Exchanger
"U" Tube Bundles
High Pressure Exchanger

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Alloy Heat Exchanger