TEMA Datasheet
TEMA Datasheet
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TEMA Datasheet

Doyle & Roth has simplified the Quotation process by modifying the TEMA Datasheet to indicate the minimum information required for thermal and/or mechanical design in a user friendly format.

Download TEMA Datasheet and Follow Instructions for Quotation:

D&R TEMA Datasheet

Upon completing the TEMA Datasheet, email to Info@doyleroth.com.

We will review your requirements and provide a quotation as soon as possible.  Do not hesitate to contact one of our engineers by email or at 212-269-7840.

 Form Key

(A)     Information required to thermally rate and quote a heat exchanger 

(B)     Thermal properties required if fluid is not in our data bank.  

          A VLE curve is also required if the fluid is changing state.   

(C)     Required for mechanical quotation of predesigned equipment.  All  available construction related information below line 30.